Speaking & MC

Speaking & MC

Deborah draws on her journalism skills of research and investigation to cut through the noise, and share insights into what the future holds.

Deborah draws on her journalism skills of research and investigation to cut through the noise, and share insights into what the future holds.

“Deb is a breath of fresh air – she doesn’t just light up every room she walks into, she also knows news and is always a bank of knowledge not only in the newsroom, but in life, too.”.

Jackie O, Speaking to Stellar Magazine

Keynote topics

A fascination with ideas and love of debate has seen Deborah help Australian and global leaders navigate change.

Deborah asks audiences to challenge fear with evidence around rapidly evolving technological advancements, such as AI. She synthesises complex information and helps audiences to open their mind, organise their thoughts and develop an action plan to adapt.

Interaction, deep targeted information, personal stories and laughs, combine for an experience which is thought provoking and engaging, while building real world understanding.


“AI is changing our world – what are you doing to be part of the change?”

As part of this deep dive into the rapidly evolving technology, Deborah shares knowledge about the latest developments and trends, the importance of responsible AI systems to build a better future..

During this keynote, Deborah answers three important questions:

  • How will my job change as a result of AI?
  • Should leaders prioritise critical thinking skills or machine learning and deep learning skills in a modern environment?
  • What role can individuals play to ensure AI systems make fair decisions?


The evidence-based method which tracks the journey to taking control of your next presentation.

The thought of presenting to a crowd may be the cue for a shaking hand, trembling voice, or memory lapse, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than avoiding the source of the fear, Deborah explains identifying there’s a problem is the first step in creating the right environment to grow your skills as a confident communicator.

In this interactive keynote, Deborah answers audience questions, such as the following:

  • What should I do if I go blank during a presentation – keep going or stop?
  • How do I communicate with influence when my voice is naturally soft and quiet?
  • How do I deliver feedback and resolve conflict with confidence and empathy?

A dynamic MC

For each appearance Deborah tailors the content to the specific audience and uses her storytelling skills to inspire and create change. She is adept at keeping the occasion moving while helping to create a warm and magical atmosphere.

Deborah is a passionate charity ambassador for National Centre for Childhood Grief (A Friend’s Place) which provides counselling services to grieving children.

Deborah seamlessly moves between serious and fun content, while engaging audiences. She has hosted and co-hosted gala events, book launches, charity balls, and high teas.

She has also moderated and taken part in debates and contributed to panel discussions as a thought leader in news, technology, leadership, and gender equality.

“Apart from being an absolute media pro with terrific insights and analysis of news issues, Deb also has a wonderful sense of community. It’s that strong sense of responsibility to the community which makes Deb special”.

David Koch, Speaking to Stellar Magazine